The Open MRI Difference

A comfortable, airy option for magnetic resource imaging that produces diagnostic results in a setting that promotes peace of mind in the process. 

Here at Summit Imaging, we support you on your health journey. Our open MRI scans provide diagnostic results that drive decisions — by you and your doctor. 


If you need:


We understand that you need your scan results, and quickly. In most cases, your referring doctor will have your scans within 24-48 hours of completion. 


Even though MRI scans are non-invasive, we know they can produce nerves. We offer comfortable, efficient, and effective scans that provide answers.


We're proud to offer our patients the only open MRI machine east of Albuquerque. Serving Clovis and the surrounding communities, we strive to make prioritizing your health, convenient. 

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We're ready to serve and support you at Summit Imaging. To book your appointment, call our office. Then complete the patient forms to make your visit fast and stress-free. Getting an MRI can be easy — and it should be! We're here to prove it to you.